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Provincial Internship Policy


After the decade long war against terror and restoration of peace as a result of operation Zarb-i-Azab (2014), the situation demands to properly take care of the youth. This can only be done when the youth is engaged into healthy activities and are groomed in a right direction in the best national interest. Prior to any professional career, capacity building of the youth is essential in contributing to improved economic and social outcomes. There is wide recognition that capacity building and training at any stage of practical and professional life are prerequisites to economic and social development. Keeping in view the above, the Policy is framed to engage the qualified youth of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa/FATA into the development sector of the government for better future prospects.


The Policy aims to launch a long term program to help young graduates/certificate holders of professional courses in different fields and to develop their intellectual skills and provide them experiences that encourage them to become contributing, caring members of their communities and also make them aquatinted with functioning of the government machinery.

Expected Accomplishments

  1. Availability of improved/polished young graduates for public organizations.
  2. Increased know-how about the working mechanism of public organizations and government machinery.
  3. Enabling the graduates to apply their knowledge in the practical field.
  4. Involve youth as partners in planning, implementation and evaluation of matters related to public service delivery.

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