Assistant Monitoring Officer (Social Sector) Young Professional Officer

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Assistant Monitoring Officer (Social Sector) Young Professional Officer

Strengthening of Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) System Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Newly Merged Districts (Directorate of Monitoring and Evaluation KP)
  • Following Domiciles Candidates Can Apply: All KP Districts
  • Post Date: Dec 22, 2021
  • Apply Before: Jan 06, 2022
  • Applications 225
  • Archived
Project PC-1

Internship Detail

  • Offered Salary PKR 25,000
  • Slots 4
  • Experience Fresh

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Required Qualification

  • Masters Degree in Social sciences
  • Masters Degree in Development Studies
  • Masters Degree in Management
  • Masters Degree in Public Administration
  • Bachelors Degree (4 Years) in Geography
  • Bachelors Degree (4 Years) in Mechanical Engineering
  • Bachelors Degree (4 Years) in English
  • Bachelors Degree (4 Years) in Mechanical engineering


Internship TOR's A. Rationale & Objective It has been envisaged that extending M&E System to district level will increase the M&E Coverage of development schemes from 25% to 50% and unsure effective implementation of planning policy / guidelines issued from P&D Department. Additionally, it will also ensure quality enhancement and quality assurance of works/services executed at the local level which will further improve the Provincial government image thus restoring Citizen’s Trust on State. Professional Officer Assist District In-charge in performing Monitoring& Evaluation activities related to development schemes in social sectors. He will perform but not necessary limited to the following activities: B. Main Tasks/Activities i. Will work under the direct supervision of District Monitoring Officer responsible for monitoring of Development projects and service delivery at District level. ii. Conduct Monitoring visits to different schemes in the District and assist the District In-charge, Monitoring in data collection from various departments. iii. Assist District head in official correspondence. iv. Generate M&E reports and submit to the Divisional Monitoring Office through District In-charge, Monitoring v. Entering all M&E relevant reports into DPMIS. vi. Organize all data evidences for activities completed at field level C. Reporting Assistant Monitoring Officer - Young Professional Officer will report to District In-charge at district Level for Monitoring & Evaluation of development/non-development projects/schemes in respective Districts. D. Skills Excellent skills in Office Automation and knowledge of Internet and Email. He/she should be well versed with data collection, conducting feasibility, and monitoring activities under development/non development sector.

Project Details

This is a web based application which requires solution supervision and maintenance periodically. For this purpose, YPO/interns (Web developer) need to be engaged under this GPP-supported Project. Young Professional Officer / interns (Web Developer) will report to the Deputy Director (Web) For new development / enhancement in DPMS / DPMIS. He will perform but not necessary limited to the following activates:- Main Tasks/Activities :- i. Enhancement of Referral Dashboard in DPMIS/DPMS. ii. Enhancement of M&E Dashboard in DPMIS/DPMS. iii. Enhancement in Online M&E Reporting Module in DPMIS/DPMS. iv. Data Entry / issues (if any). v. ADP Report / Review. vi. Inclusion Para Wise Finding / Recommendation of M&E Report on DPMIS/DPMS and subsequently para wise Reply of Department.